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Caroline Lee, Co-Founder of CocoSign

In this accomplished peeps conversation, we connected with Caroline Lee, the Co-Founder of Cocosign. With its user-friendly electronic signature services, CocoSign allows signing parties to sign any document online using any sort of e-device, including a smartphone, computer, or Mac. CocoSign not only eliminates delivery time but also streamlines workflow management like no other. Caroline’s job is overseeing the company's sales, marketing, and growth activities.

What does a ‘typical’ workday look like for you?

Being the co-founder of CocoSign, I have to be a jack of all trades throughout the day. For me, there are some days where there is a lot of brainstorming, ideation, and attempts at lateral thinking. Other days, it’s less creative work and more operational work — checking in with other departments to see how they’re progressing on their tasks or fielding requests for appraisals or estimates from clients.

Client meetings and getting updates from team managers is what my normal day looks like. It’s also my way of understanding what goes into creating a successful product from scratch to finish. I go through every department and see how they are collaborating and what their processes are like.

Usually, after getting updates from different departments, I work on them, analyze my competitors, and see how differently they are doing things. Besides, I look for new marketing tactics daily to take my brand to the next level.

Describe the layout and feel of your personal workspace.

I keep tons and tons of post-its and binders that I use for reference all the time. Post-its are used for different reasons. Some are simply forgotten reminders to do something, like follow up on an email or call someone back about a meeting. Others are reminders for meetings to be set up, while others are reminders to attend a conference in San Francisco (which I am going to) in two days — things like that. Some are notes on ideas and current projects I’m working on. I also have binders in which I keep client-related work, project status summaries, password lists, and other similar items.

There are always several books on my desk. As someone who enjoyed reading about startups, I appreciated Behind the Cloud. This book helped me realize that if you work hard and have a good attitude, you can get out of your situation and become a better one even if you don’t have a ton of experience or education. Not only this, I always keep “How to win friends and influence people” at my desk as it has left a huge impact on me and taught me how I could keep my team flourishing and growing through these times.

Would you describe your work style as being orderly or more chaotic and why?

I would say that I tend to be more orderly and want my day just as I planned the night before. Yes, I plan my next day before going to bed so I can get the most out of my day. I start my day with meditation that keeps me positive and going through the entire day. No matter the time and situation, I believe in unity and like to stand with my entire team.

In case of any emergency, firstly, I focus on being calm so we can face the situation more practically and follow it based on protocols and plans. Instead of blaming someone, I believe in tackling the situation responsibly and seeking a solution mutually.

What’s one habit or ritual you need to start and finish your day?

I’ve never really had a problem with this, but I would say the most important thing for me is making sure my desk is clean and organized before leaving for the day. I feel like if I don’t, it can be pretty challenging to get back into the zone once I get home. Also, there are too many times that I forget to do that and end up reverting to my natural state of disorganization at night and forgetting everything again.

How does your team use asynchronous communication to stay in the loop while working remotely?

Although Gmail never gets out of style, Slack and zoom are the next best communication tools that my company and I love. With its user-friendly and interactive interface, Slack makes a great tool that helps us stay up-to-date with our clients and their requirements. For video calls and one-on-one meetings, we prefer Zoom. Given the pandemic, most of my team is working remotely, and Zoom has really helped us deal with day-to-day tasks without any problem.

Even if I want to conduct a meeting with my team about weekly SCRUMs, I prefer Zoom because of its seamless transition to video.

How do you limit distractions while working from home...or do you?

The very first step to limit distractions is setting up a workspace, so there are minimal interferences. Also, for this, I fight the urge to multitask and devote planned time to each task. Scheduling my time has left a great impact on my productivity throughout the day.

Besides, I have set clear boundaries and keep a check on myself to complete the set priorities at the same time they are scheduled. It has indeed helped me a lot.

Is there one particular podcast or Youtube channel that you can’t stop listening to or watching?

The CMO of Ahrefs really inspires me, which is why I follow Tim Soulo and keep up with the best software practices through the SaaS marketing vlog. His real-world examples are great and keep me motivated. I learned a lot about optimizing the sales funnels, and the information podcasted on this channel is nothing but inspirational.

If you could be doing anything else than what you’re doing, what would it be?

I have thought about running an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) at least once a day for several years. I really love working with so many people in one place and one virtual space, and it just seems very exciting to me. Unfortunately, I don’t really know much about programming these games or making them, so I wouldn’t be very good at making them unless it was outside of my scope of ability. But, if I had the opportunity to make a game, that’s something I would definitely want to explore.

I also want to have a journal. Writing things down this way really helps me process my thoughts and get out of my own head very efficiently. It’s beneficial when trying to solve problems or have ideas about something that can help you.

Who would you like to recognize as a successful leader?

I would really like to recognize Jeff Bezos of Amazon for so many reasons. First, he is a hero because he is one of the world’s richest men, who also happens to be an innovator and leader. Second, his company has completely changed the way that books are sold and shipped. However, thirdly, it is incredibly inspiring to see him go out every day and make changes in the world through his company. He is a pioneer, and it is incredibly inspiring to know that he has chosen to devote his time to something as well.