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Darcy Boles, Director of Culture & Innovation

Accomplished Peeps like Darcy Boles know how to kick off the day to ensure remote success. For Darcy, having her home base near the beach, means that she has has access to the water and an early morning surf to get her blood flowing, and to set her intentions for the day ahead. Like other successful remote leaders, she's learned that having a morning routine is key to being able to take on the day ahead. In this conversation, Darcy shared with us some of her staple habits that ensures she stays on track.

What does a 'typical' workday look like for you?

After I'm finished with my morning routine, I head into the private office that I rent from our local co-working space (I really love people, so this provides me a wonderful sense of local community while working remotely). I’m someone who needs a lot of me time in the mornings, so I tend to log into work around 9 or 10 am depending on the day/needs of my team. This allows me to be fully grounded and present and able to show up as my best self for my team and the tasks at hand.

I try to get through my emails and notifications within an hour and then dive into meetings/deep work for about 4-5 hours. Around 3 pm my golden retriever, Blanche, requires a daily “pawssage” (yes this is a thing that she requests, every day at 3 pm, like clockwork), which reminds me to give her some attention and we take a walk! Then it’s back to work until I’ve done the best work I could give for the day, asking myself the question “did I give everything I could to my team, and do I feel like I made the impact I was capable of today?” If the answer is “yes,” I’ll head home! Some days are shorter than others and some much longer.

"Work is like a wave and I’ve been practicing how to ride it in tandem with supporting my own mental health in the process."

What about your workplace setup contributes/aids to your productivity or ability to better manage your day?

Being out of the house is super helpful for my productivity. I should mention that I choose to work outside of my home in a secure private office space because my home is 350 sq feet shared with a partner and a 70 lb pup, but I also think it’s essential to have any space that has a closed door to help create actual physical boundaries that honor my work/life harmony. I also live by my noise-canceling Bose headphones that help me get in the zone!

What are your staple non-negotiable routines and rituals that you believe make you a more successful leader?

Wim Hof Breathwork, meditation, movement, continuously learning from other leaders via books, podcasts and networking. I think the greatest gift is shared knowledge so I really lean into peer-to-peer education both within my external network and within my team to continuously learn and grow. Also, if you know who Ted Lasso is, I’ve affectionately named the show my personal “Lasso Leadership Academy”...If you don’t know who he is - go watch it on AppleTV, you’re in for a treat :).

What's one piece of unconventional advice you would give to your former self?

It’s never too early to learn more about yourself, your values, and what truly fills your cup.

What's one fun fact about you?

I used to be a competitive figure skater

How would you describe the power of asynchronous communication (in less than 2 sentences)?

Asynchronous communication coupled with clear expectations = true autonomy. Done well, it truly gives people the power to design their lives around their work vs. their work around their lives.

Who would you like to recognize as a successful leader & What about their leadership habits/practices resonate most with you?

Chip Conley! Chip has been a powerful influence in my life ever since I started in the tech industry. His values-driven leadership focuses on wisdom, wellness and meaning and his mission stand behind what I believe to be the most sustainable way forward for long-lasting happiness behind the work we choose to do, no matter what age we are.