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Tam Ngo, Head of Growth at Gable

Creative and inspiring co-working spaces have commonly been the place of choice for digital nomads as we once called them. In today's world, with the influx of employees working remotely, the demand for inviting workspaces to break the monotony of working from home, have increased. With it came one particular hybrid workforce management platform to help easily facilitate it all, backed by a rockstar team of ambitious individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. In this Accomplished Peeps interview, we connected with Tam Ngo, Head of Growth at Gable, a company unlocking access to 150+ locally unique, high-quality workspaces while providing organizations and insights through one powerful dashboard.

"We are confident that returning to work doesn’t mean everyone will go back to the office full time or will use coworking full time. Rather, we understand that it will be a combination of the two. People now have options to go into the office for work that cannot be done outside, yet still have options to meet and collaborate with teammates in safe, fun, and inspiring environments outside of work."

The team at Gable, didn't just want to build another boring and noise-filled co-working space. Their vision was to make remote work more fun, more reliable, and most importantly, really community-driven for teams and companies.

"This came from 1) being stuck inside the four walls of our apartments and 2) feeling isolated and lonely because we were craving that face-to-face, human connection with our friends and coworkers."

In this interview, Tam shares with us insights into her day-to-day at Gable, and what a successful day looks for her working remotely.

Explain your 'typical' workday.

My workday varies due to the nature of remote work and startup life. Each day I have 1 - 2 top priorities that I need to focus on to continue to provide superb service to our customers and build the best possible product.

On a typical workday, after I finish my morning routines, I start the day by writing down everything I want to accomplish. I always have all my meetings in the morning and then do all my focused work in the afternoon.

On the day that I work on strategic planning with our team, I go to a Gable space that is only 10-15 minutes away from where everyone lives. These meetings are so important because it doesn’t only help bring everyone together but also make the team much happier and more productive. Team bonding and culture is often underestimated until we see the difference between the output created by a well-engaged team and a disengaged one. It’s night and day.

Are you a natural-born leader or have you had to grow into the role?

I would say I am a natural-born leader - I love inspiring and helping others reach their full potential. In the past, I used to let my own self-doubts make me think that I should settle for less than what I aspired to do. But because of what happened in 2020, I started a journey of self-growth, picked up new skills, honed my leadership potential, and finally became part of the founding team of a company I strongly believe will make a big difference in the way we work.

What's one non-negotiable habit or ritual you need to start and finish your day?

I always make my own coffee while reviewing my to-do list for the day. The smell of freshly grounded coffee is simply amazing and gives me a much-needed boost to get going with the day.

To wrap up the day, I usually do a 20-30 minute walk around my neighbourhood to freshen up my mind and then I go back to my desk and write down everything I want to finish the next day. Taking small breaks and enjoying little things in life are non-negotiable for me.

If you could share one piece of advice with your former self, what would it be?

I would tell myself that it’s okay to be human and make mistakes, especially working at a startup. The most important thing is not to not make any mistakes, but to make sure that we always retrospect, reflect on what happened, look at data, and implement changes.

How does your team use asynchronous communication to stay in the loop while working remotely?

We typically use Zoom, Google Meet, and now Slack huddles as our essential internal communication tools, as every team needs some sync time together.

However, being aware of the benefits of async, we always document our progress in writing. Our Weekly updates are always written to ensure a transparent and resourceful system for our team. We also use ClickUp as our go-to task management tool to help support project management and keep everyone on track.

Is there a particular founder that inspires you? What about their habits or management style do you admire.

Liza Mash Levin, the CEO and founder of Gable inspires me a lot. The first time I met Liza I was blown away by her passion and determination for making Gable become the next unicorn. One of the things about Liza that I admire is that she’s not afraid to make changes. While lots of founders might try to be consistent with everything they said, Liza always uses a data-driven approach to look at things and be flexible with everything we do as a startup. Another thing Liza does that I really admire is her ability to stay very disciplined and customer-focused.

Another founder that I admire is Andrew Ng. The reason I love following him is that besides being an expert at what he's doing and building, he builds a habit of reading papers for two hours a day, which he says leads him to good ideas. Another thing I admire about Andrew is that he’s very vocal about social causes and knows how to use his influences to not just aspire but nurture future leaders.

If you could be doing anything else than what you're doing, what would it be?

I actually wouldn’t change anything. I love what I’m doing. The startup journey can be lonely and challenging at times but it’s so rewarding along the way. You get to be best friends with your teams and together, we build this amazing community and product that we strongly believe is what we all need for a better and happier future of work.