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Alex Schrecengost, Founder & CEO at Virtual With Us

We originally came across Virtual With Us back in January of 2021, at which point, their company, had been running for around 3 months. Back then, we were looking to speak with startups and new businesses spawned from the pandemic. That's when we came across Alex Schrecengost and her company which were delivering virtual curated experiences for corporate clients who wanted to find new ways to foster greater engagement, collaboration, and creativity among their teams. Although just having started out, at that time, they were already making waves in the industry.

In featuring Virtual With Us, we got to take a quick look inside how they started, what they were offering, and where they are now, but didn't dive too much into the 'Accomplished Peep' behind the company. In this Q&A interview, Alex gives us a sneak peek into what her 'typical' remote workday looks like and why she wouldn't choose to be doing anything else in the world. 👇

Explain a little about Virtual With Us, and the 'why' behind the company.

Personal relationships are essential to keeping business running smoothly. Virtual With Us cultivates a fun, casual social environment to enjoy curated experiences together in the age of remote work. Separately, we’ve challenged & redefined what corporate culture means to your employees around the world. As your organization reimagines how to cultivate professional relationships, CWU curates the evolution of the corporate “office”. Explore our beautifully curated gifts and cultural programs designed to show appreciation as well as strengthen interpersonal relationships.

What does a typical workday look like for you when working remotely?

Everyday varies due to the nature of virtual and hybrid events as well as corporate gifting. It's ever-evolving. Typically in a given day, I will be focused on acquisition, discussing media strategies and digital marketing, troubleshooting operational issues with the team, diving into sales approach and offerings with the sales team, forecasting the months ahead, and so on. Each day has a pillar focus that all tie into the growth of the business.

Generally, if you want the actual typical workday, I spend time with my family in the morning before my six-year-old twins head to school and my husband heads to his office in the house. We're both remote!  My husband and I will eat breakfast together and jam on strategy and the day ahead on both sides - and then it goes into all of the pillars I was discussing.

What's one habit or ritual you need to start and finish your day and why is it non-negotiable for you?

I need to dance every morning after I review my calendar. It's a ritual and something I truly enjoy. It get's me ready for the day and allows me to think through approach, conversations and strategy based on what the day ahead looks like, plus, it's just fun! Salsa or Whitney Houston are a good go to.

How does your team use asynchronous communication to stay in the loop while working remotely?

Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conference platforms, while nobody’s favorite way to spend time, they're essential for internal communication. Messaging platforms like Slack are extremely helpful to maintaining a friendly, conversational tone—I especially love the custom emojis businesses can install to reinforce and build on company culture in small but significant ways. Equally important are tools like Asana, Monday, and Airtable that can take the place of whiteboards in conference rooms, are more visual than ordinary spreadsheets, and help everyone on a team conceptualize projects, assignments, and deadlines in a more integrated way. We use Monday internally to support operational flow and communication across our internal team and our extensions such as sommeliers, chefs, and outside vendors/partners.

Is there a particular founder that inspires you? What about their habits or management style do you admire?

Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest. Fawn Weaver has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly 25 years. As the CEO and founder of Grant Sidney, Inc. (GSI), a privately held investment company, Weaver has often been active in her investments, serving in leadership capacities on a very strategic level and she inspires me. She recently announced funding to support BIPOC entrepreneurs.

If you could be doing anything else than what you're doing, what would it be?

Nothing. Just this. Truthfully, I really love it. It ties into all of my passions and I am having fun growing this business and supporting office culture evolution. It's exciting and I am proud to be a part of this transition with such an incredible team by my side.


Connect with Alex Schrecengost or check out Virtual With Us on LinkedIn or Instagram to learn more about them and/or book your first curated corporate experience event!