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A Year in Review: Looking Back on 2020 for Complish

The past year was transformational to say the least. While the world was experiencing the height of the global Covid pandemic, countless entrepreneurs were coming up with innovative ideas to help businesses and employees thrive through the changing times. Over the past year, companies were seen struggling with their switch to remote mostly due to the lack of proper transition time and preparation. Why so many teams fell short was likely a result of trying to manage the transition by working as if they were in the same room.

"In order for teams to thrive, they needed a whole new set of habits and practices."

It was from this first thought, that ideas of Complish App started to take shape.

For now, we'll take you through a quick timeline recap of the past year so you can get to know us a little more!

COVID 19 - The idea for Complish is sparked. The idea for Complish came together throughout the first part of the pandemic situation of 2020. As for many entrepreneurs, the pandemic was an opportunity to create something new or improve on an existing product or offer so they could provide value to individuals and companies that were struggling.

June 2020

  • Complish is founded by David Smyth and Stuart Hunter
  • V1 of Complish is released
  • 3 days after the launch, 20 teams are already using Complish

June - September 2020

  • Core features launched: Check-ins, Goals, and support for multiple teams  

October - November 2020

  • Funding raised in a Pre-Seed round backed by Global Founders Capital and Antler
  • Desktop App released in Beta
  • 3 new integrations added: Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday

December 2020

  • 3 more integrations added 🔌 Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Clubhouse
  • UI updated, making it easier to view and move items from your integrations or tasks you've saved for a later date

What's coming up in 2021 for Complish?

We're cooking up a big new feature for asynchronous communication inside Complish, that will be ready to launch soon. If you are interested in being one of the first to try it out, email us at hello@complish.app.

Along with new integrations to facilitate easier collaboration with your team, we've got a lot in store for the coming year. It is our mission to make teams more successful, that's why we created a tool to help them achieve this in their transition to distributed work, and we're only getting started!

"We understand that teamwork happens in many tools, and rather than replacing anything, we want to give everyone a central place to see what's going on."

Complish makes it easier for teams to work better together, no matter where they are based. Are you ready to #complish your goals and improve the way you work, all with fewer meetings?  💪

UPDATE: We've gone through some big transitions as of late. Why? The hybrid teams we work with have been expressing a greater need and desire for something we knew how to solve. For this reason, we decided to put our efforts into a new tool that would better serve their needs. Introducing 'Where'!

Enough of this sheet!

Ditch the spreadsheet, ‘Where’ is a more social way to schedule your days in the office and see where everyone’s working from....all right in Slack.