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Best Hot Desk Booking App

Chances are you’re managing a hybrid team, and you’re looking for the best hot desk booking app and other space management tools that not only fit your budget, but also ensure that your teams are safe, secure, and happy. Sounds like a pipe dream? It’s possible once you set your priorities straight. This article will show you the five different hot desk booking software available and which one is the best.

What to Look for in a Hot Desk Booking App

First things first. What is a hot desk app and what should you look for in a desk booking system? A hot desk booking app is an online system that allows employees to book available desks and other spaces like parking.

Is hot desking a good idea? Absolutely! It’s a great way to provide flexibility to your employees and help with better space utilization.

Now, the subject of hoteling software may come up in your search and lead you to the question, What is hoteling software? How is it different than hot desking? Hoteling is booking a specific desk in a given office space. This is especially crucial if you have specific technical requirements on a work desk.

When looking for the best desk booking software, you should keep a few things in mind. You want to have all the essential features that you need at first, but it should also accommodate your team as you grow and scale your operations.

Here are six features that you need to consider before locking yourself into a contract:

Ease of Use

First, you want an interface that is easy to use. It will help if it integrates with something the team is already using, such as Slack, Google Workspace, or Microsoft Teams. Usually, asking people to use a completely different app or website adds extra steps for the employees and hinders adoption. You’ll end up with an expensive hot desk booking software that nobody uses or a solution that only the IT team can use and understand.

IT GIF from The IT Crow

Ideally, you should be operational when you sign up for a solution. Once it’s rolled out to the rest of the company, there should be minimal instructions required.

Maximizes Space Utilization

The next thing you should look for is whether it can maximize space utilization. You want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your real estate space by filling every seat daily without compromising safety protocols or your employees’ health.

You should be able to add multiple headquarters, workspaces, meeting rooms, and even parking spots.

Helps with Safety Guidelines

Because of the COVID-19 health protocols, desk and seat planning have been challenging. Ideally, your hot desk booking app should integrate contact tracing and social distancing floorplans.

Fosters In-Person Collaboration

Once you’ve secured everyone’s safety and space needs, the next step is to ensure that your employees get the much-needed face-time and in-person collaboration to foster better team interaction. In fact, according to a workplace survey by Gensler, “66% of senior and executive employees say that their job is reliant on in-person collaboration.”

Employee Opinions n Collaboration by Job Level Chart Image

Maximizing space is one thing, but maximizing face time is another. This is especially critical for hybrid teams with an employee-led schedule. Does the space management software make it easy for everyone to plan for meet-ups and brainstorming sessions? Ideally, you should be able to see at a glance who’s working in the office at any given time.


Efficiency and maximizing the space are only possible when data is in place. Nowadays, office occupancy can vary widely, especially when lockdowns or health guidelines change constantly.

When you have an analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to plan based on past data. You won’t be able to plan with 100% precision, but having access to past data is better than nothing.


Lastly, you need a hot desk booking app that is scalable as your team grows. Ideally, you want reasonable pricing and a tool that only charges you for what you’re actually using. It would also help if there is a free trial, straightforward pricing, and excellent customer service.

Hot Desking Apps to Try for Your Office

Now that you have the criteria as to how to choose the best hot desk booking app for your company, it’s time to go over a few options. Here is the list of which hot desking apps to try for your office.


Robin is a hot desk office space booking app but offers many other features, including interactive maps and guest management. However, navigating it can be a bit confusing because of its many features.

There is definitely a learning curve for the teams using Robin. The Basic Plan costs $1500 per year, and the Pro Plan starts at $3500 per year for unlimited users and maps.

Check out how Robin stands up against Where.


YArooms is a web-based booking software system that helps manage rooms and other spaces, such as parking lots, for a full day or just a few hours. It’s easy to set up and works best with a Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It also allows users to book on the go through its mobile apps.

Yarooms hot desking app screenshot

It also provides automated reports on room usage insights. It has all the basic things you need, but the downside is that there is no free trial. This is a deal-breaker for most companies, as it’s hard to commit to software you haven’t tried. YAroom costs $2400 per year for their basic plan.


WorkInSync is considered a one-stop solution for booking desks, cafeterias, and even transportation. It also helps manage vaccination status and other health checks.

Without a doubt, it’s straightforward to use by all stakeholders from IT to HR to employees who are booking the spaces. The pricing is straightforward as well at just $2.50 per user per month for the basic plan.

If an interactive floor plan is a critical feature for you, WorkInSync might not be the best option. This feature can be complicated, hard to navigate, and sluggish.


Condeco, like all the apps listed in this article, will allow employees to book desks, meeting rooms, and other space types. However, the initial setup is tricky, and you need to find the perfect configuration for it to work the way you want it to.

More importantly, it’s very difficult to understand its pricing, as it varies depending on location and quantity. When choosing a system to use, pricing is a huge factor to consider.

Why Where.team is the Best Hybrid Workspace Tool for Your Office

Of course, last but not least, Where lets you manage and book desks, office spaces, and other extras (such as parking) in multiple headquarters. Employees can set their status and schedule through Slack, so there’s no extra app or site to learn. As you can probably see by now, Where is a top hybrid workspace tool for your office.

Where Hot Desk Booking Slack App

There is a web app for HR and Office Managers that provides more features, such as contact tracing, analytics, and creating events.

What makes Where truly stand out among the other tools in this list is its people-first approach to office management. Yes, it’s nice to have a safe space where you can work in the office. But what about interacting with your colleagues?

With Where, you’ll be able to create events, such as Taco Tuesdays or Pizza Party. It makes coordinating in-person events for hybrid teams.

As for pricing, it has the most straightforward structure: $2 per active user per month. So, it’s highly scalable as you add more office spaces and headquarters. You can also try it for free for 30 days.

If you’re looking for more alternatives and how Where stacks up against them, here are a few more tools to go over:

More Than Booking Desks

Brainstorming and creativity happen when people are in the same room. The best desk booking software will allow for collaboration with others and an easy way to book rooms online. There are tons of hot desk booking apps available, but Where goes one step further and focuses on what matters the most.