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πŸ‘‘ The Best Team Meeting Apps for Remote Teams

Distributed companies rely on the best team meeting apps for remote teams to ensure collaboration, efficiency and productivity. These virtual working apps have become musts for teams worldwide as work from home and remote flexibility are clearly here to stay.

It's easy to default into the thinking, 'do we really need another tool to manage meetings?', but actually, asking that question isn't such a bad idea at all. Before just signing up for all the things, it's important to understand the importance of having the best team meeting apps in place to enhance team collaboration, and this is exactly what we're going to cover here.

Best Team Meeting Apps

Communication is one of the main pillars of remote teams, and the reason why it's essential to have the right team meeting apps in place is to make sure that communication flows. Apart from this, with the right communication strategy, everyone can easily stay in the loop and know what their co-workers have on the go. In remote teams, time zones play a large part in choosing the channel and format for which to communicate in, thus the increasing popularity of asynchronous meetings, which allow teams to collaborate in a time that suits them.

Before we dive into helping you choose the right team meeting app for your team, let's dig a little deeper into remote collaboration and management.

How do you collaborate in a remote team?

Since we were basically forced to switch to remote work from day to night during the 2021 pandemic, we have learned how to collaborate in a remote team as we go. Without testing out different remote collaboration techniques, most companies have tried to keep up the same work method as before. They've done this by switching to virtual meetings, causing many professionals to suffer from virtual fatigue or what is known as zoom burnout.

Finding which team meeting app works best to help reduce the number of zoom meetings you need to have starts by testing out different options, platforms, and communication formats. When in the selection process, it's crucial to evaluate which apps adapt best to your team's needs.

How do I manage remote teams virtually?

Managing a remote team virtually can be a challenge for many managers as it entails much more than managing the work of your team. Promoting a positive company culture that supports employee wellbeing is also partially the responsibility of a remote manager. Leaders who aren't used to the remote setting, often struggle more with the transition.

The reason being, work is constantly changing, and we have to learn to evolve with it if we want to keep up. Seeing that too many video calls negatively impact a team, many startups, especially the hybrid and remote-first companies, have switched up their practices and habits. Many have adopted a combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication, which when combined, help boost productivity and keep up the team spirit. On one side, synchronous communication is commonly used for all-hands, skip-level meetings, social bonding, and meetings that require more interaction. On the other end, asynchronous meetings step in to cut out unnecessary zoom calls and facilitate better collaboration between international teams divided by time zones.

Virtual Team Meeting Apps: Async Collaboration Tools

Teams are becoming more aware of the positive impacts of an async meeting format. And, the word has spread around the positive impact of asynchronous meetings and virtual team meeting apps, many teams are enjoying fewer, better meetings than those of the past.

Remote teams have started to switch to asynchronous meetings to boost productivity, fight time zone gaps, and ensure team collaboration remains without tiring the team with never-ending video calls.

If you're looking to make the switch yourself, but you don't know which tool is the right one for your team, here are a few tools worth considering.

Best Free Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

When you're just getting started on something, it's fair to want to test it out for a while. The good thing is, there are quite a few free collaboration tools for remote teams. Most actually offer a free trial or even a free-forever plan that accommodates bootstrapped small teams and early-stage startups with a limited budget.

Here's an overview of both, free meeting software, and online meeting minutes templates that are also free to use.

Free online meeting minutes software

Whether you decide to choose synchronous or asynchronous meetings, using online meeting minutes software can prove beneficial. Meeting minutes are a summary of a meeting and are used to keep a record of everything discussed. The information gathered can then be shared and accessed later on, including by those that can't make it to the meeting.

Web-based meeting minutes software is beneficial to store your meeting notes and kick-off async meetings. When choosing a free online meeting minutes software, it's a good idea to inquire about the upgrade price after the trial, the features offered, integrations with your existing tools, and whether there is a cancellation policy, just in case your team decides the tool isn't right for them. Choosing one software or the other ultimately comes down to the needs of your team and which one aligns better with their working style.

Free online meeting minutes templates

There's nothing better than free online meeting minutes templates to get things rolling fast and easy, right? In today's hybrid working world, taking meeting minutes demand more collaboration and cooperation, something that traditional note-taking apps often lack.

Async collaboration tools allow you to create your own collaborative meeting minutes or to select one of the pre-set free templates to start right off the bat.

Best Meeting Management Software

By now, you likely understand the importance of meeting management software. Not only does it help teams plan and develop effective team meetings to ensure a successful, productive, and positive outcome, but they're also promoting fewer, better meetings amongst remote teams.

Whether you choose to run your meeting synchronous or asynchronous, here are a few of the best meeting management software and/or complementary meeting tools to help.

Synchronous meeting software:

  • Zoom helps teams run productive synchronous meetings via video. There are quite a few Zoom alternatives such as Whereby, that are gaining in popularity and definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a change.
  • Tandem makes remote work easy by creating a virtual office for your team. See, talk and collaborate with your teammates in just one click.
  • Grain records, transcribes and allows you to share highlights of Zoom video calls, so meetings aren't forgotten.

Asynchronous free team meeting apps:

  • Gong captures and understands every customer interaction, then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinion. While their software isn't free, their feature that integrates with Zoom is included.
  • Yac helps teams run async meetings via voice and encourages fewer more productive async meetings.

Best Apps for Remote Teams

Slack and Microsoft Teams are two of the best apps for remote teams as they allow organizations to stay connected via chat. Some people might not know, or haven't explored yet, but the endless integrations these two powerhouses have with other software solutions and apps for remote teams is incredible! Let's check out a few of the best ones.

Microsoft teams meeting apps

What apps integrate with Microsoft teams? Plenty!

Microsoft Teams is a platform that brings together all the workplace tools, apps and services, whether they are built internally or externally. These integrations allow for further communication and synchronization between teams. They connect together to automate updates and processes, boosting productivity and improve collaboration.

Some of Team's most famous integrations include Trello, Zoom, GitHub, Jira, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.

Slack Apps for remote teams to run their meetings

Staying in the loop is even more important than ever. Slack has definitely been a game-changer in work communication, and even more so, now that remote work is the norm for many teams. They have endless integrations with other software solutions, apps and platforms to facilitate collaboration and enhance positive communication.

Some of these integrations include Google Drive, Calendar and Meet, Loop, Donut, Clickup, and many others.

πŸ›  Which tools do you plan on using to collaborate remotely?

Remote collaboration is tricky, but it only takes the right set of virtual working apps to bring a team together. Whether you choose synchronous or asynchronous communication or even a combination of both, we highly recommend having a team meeting app to help plan and develop your meetings better. Without going further, the above mentioned tools can help you improve your remote team's collaboration by promoting asynchronous communication + help you organise and store meeting agendas and meeting minutes, making synchronous meetings more productive, that is if you'll even need to run them at all.Β The more efficient you become with your time, the more success and growth that will take place, meaning expansion is on the horizon. When the time comes to expand your team, share your listings on top remote jobs boards and secure the best remote talent.