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Describe your Working Feels with Office Emojis

As silly as office emojis are, and the idea of expressing one’s emotions with one sounds quite ridiculous to many, there’s no denying that they do serve a purpose. In a way, companies who use Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other messaging systems have become masters of digital expression, and emojis have been their vehicle that have allowed employees to more openly express how they’re feeling.

🏢 Expressing with Office Emojis

Here are the top office emojis you can slide into the chat to tell your team how you’re feeling and what you’re currently up to.

🧑🏽‍💼Office Worker Emoji

Do you normally work remotely, but are heading into the office today? Use an office worker emoji to notify your team that you’ll be in. Or, if your day will be spent in important meetings, attach an emoji business women or business man 👨‍💼 to your Slack status to let everyone know you’re in a business mood. 💼

👨‍💻 Accountant Emoji

It’s hard to keep track of who’s who in the company, especially if you’re a part of a large organization. For this reason, adding an emoji next to your status that displays your role in the company is a fun and informative way to let your colleagues know what you do. If you’re role is an accountant, add an 📇 accounting emoji 👩‍💻 to your status or profile!

😑 I Don’t Care Emoji

Even if you love your job, not every day is likely perfect. At least once or twice in your career, the thought, ‘I just don’t care’, ¯\(°෴°)/¯ has probably crossed your mind while working on a task or project you’re not feeling lit up about. You probably don’t want to share your frustrations inside the executive team Slack channel, but if you do need to share a subtle notice with one of your colleagues to let them know how you’re feeling, send over an ‘I don’t care emoji’ 🤷‍♀️ in a direct message.

🙅🗣Don’t Talk to Me Emoji

For some people, Mondays are the worst days, while others, dislike Wednesdays, some even don’t like Friday (Sounds crazy🤯... but these people do exist!), all for very different reasons.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like Monday’s and that first day back to work after the weekend, you probably are also someone who likes solitude on Monday. In this case, if you’re wanting a little extra piece and quiet on a Monday morning, or any day for that matter, attach a playful, ‘don’t talk to me emoji’, next to your status with a comment like, ‘in deep focus, leave me in peace 🙏🙃’.

🔖 Don’t Forget Emoji

Do you have a colleague that constantly forgets to reply to your messages, or is always delayed sending over their weekly status update? Create a custom 📌 ‘don’t forget emoji’ for them acting as a fun reminder that their forgetfulness 😶‍🌫️ is getting the best of them.

Nothing Beats In-Person Expression

We hope the office emojis above gave you a little chuckle. Using emojis are a great way to help your team express how they are feeling in a light and playful way. With that said, nothing beats good ol, face to face interaction, but it’s not always easy knowing who’s going to be in the office and when though? You may not know, but ‘Where’ does!👇

👋 Bring your hybrid team together

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