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We Tested 5 Envoy Alternatives

Most articles on Envoy alternatives list tools that aren’t actually alternatives at all. They often have 1-2 overlapping features, but they definitely can’t be compared and classified as direct alternatives. If you’re trying to decide whether Envoy or another platform is fit for your company, continue reading...

Top 5 Envoy Alternatives

What are the top 5 alternatives to Envoy? We tested 5 of the top Envoy alternatives and have done the dirty work to dig out the facts so you don’t have to.

Before we get into the Envoy alternatives, as a refresher, what does Envoy software do? The Envoy visitor management platform allows hybrid offices to welcome visitors, manage employee safety, book desks and rooms, and coordinate deliveries. Although Envoy is a good hoteling software for some companies, it doesn’t suit them all. This is probably why you’re here anyway though. You likely already know Envoy isn’t the right platform for you, even though it may hit a few of your pain points.

How are the alternatives we share below similar to Envoy? Simply put, they have many of the same features as Envoy and are focused on addressing the main points of hybrid office management.

As you go through the Envoy alternatives, here are some of the main questions you’ll want to ask when choosing the right Envoy alternatives for your team.

  1. Does it work inside the tools I’m already using? ie. Slack
  2. Does it follow a people-first approach to office management?
  3. Can it foster improved team interaction?
  4. Is this strictly for compliance or does it serve the employees too?

Without further ado, here are the top 5 Envoy alternatives, in no particular order.


Worksphere provides a solution to the question: How do we support a remote and an on-site workforce? When we first tested out Worksphere, it appeared to be the ideal solution to the question posed above.


Worksphere Features

Their workplace management software for hybrid teams allows teams to:

  • Manage capacity limits: by office, floor, or zone.
  • Plan office scheduling: with options to automate scheduling approvals within capacity limits.
  • Support employee wellness: via wellness surveys, and health checks.
  • Manage contact tracing: to know who’s been in contact with a case.
  • View office analytics.

Seems great, right? Is it one of the best Envoy alternatives though? We thought it could be until we started digging a bit further. Here’s what we found when we tested this as one of the Envoy alternatives on our list.

  • You must select a seat when reserving an office day. If you’re just popping in for an afternoon and/or will be in a meeting, there’s no option to simply select a space without a desk.
  • If you already have a lot of hourly employees that work in the office, they’re likely already scheduled in another program and unfortunately Worksphere doesn’t sync schedules with other systems.

There’s a few other little annoyances like: a lack of clear and easy-to-use filtering options and not the greatest user interface.

Worksphere Pricing

As for pricing, they have three levels: The starter (from $89/month for 15 users), Growth (from $499/month for 100 users), and the Premium package (from $999/month for 250 users).

Teem by iOFFICE

iOffice is loaded with feature options, but this is also its downfall. Keep reading to find out why iOffice may not quite be the best of the Envoy alternatives mentioned.


Teem by iOffice Features

  • Room & desk booking: with calendar plugins (Office 365 & Google Calendar so you can see which rooms have the capacity and equipment you need before booking).
  • Eventboard: room displays & check-in feature.
  • Zombie hunter: to flag unattended reservations.
  • Navigating and wayfinding.
  • Lobby connect: employees can pre-register guests from the Webapp.

When it comes to desk booking, it looks like iOffice outshines Envoy on this front, but there are a few key things it gets a 👎 for.

  • It doesn’t live in Slack.
  • There’s no easy way to quickly see who’s working from where.
  • High price.

Lastly, any product or service should do what it says it does, and if it doesn’t, there’s a problem. iOffice claims to simplify facility management, empower employees and increase workplace productivity; I wouldn’t say that 1 out of 3 counts as a win. However, as mentioned above, there are some really solid features to this tool, and for large corporations with the majority of their employees working from the office, it may be a good solution for them. However, for highly flexible hybrid workforces, with more collaborative spaces and less of a need for fixed desks, you can cross off iOffice as an Envoy alternative for your team.

Teem by iOffice Pricing

Just like Worksphere, iOffice has a three-tiered pricing structure: Basic ($150/conference room/year), Professional ($250/conference room/year + $40/desk/year), and Enterprise (custom pricing).

One note to make here, the pricing per conference room is actually higher on the upgraded plan - $100/room more 🤔? Also, some of their best features are additional add-ons, which come with an additional charge. As you can see, the money can fly away quickly. 💸


If you’ve been going through the list so far and ended up here, it’s possibly because you still haven’t found what you’re looking for in an office management tool. Luckily for you, Where is one of the best Envoy alternatives out there, and it’s not just because we created it.


Where Features

Teams with employee-led schedules and flexible work arrangements will greatly benefit from Where’s Slack app. Some of the key features allow you to:

  • Book more than just rooms and desks: Where lets you book spaces, and office extras too (i.e. parking).
  • Manage office capacity: by office, floor, or space.
  • Automate and coordinate your hybrid team.
  • Monitor contact tracing.
  • Track office analytics for better office and staff planning.
  • Set announcements for notifications and events.
  • Automatically keep your status in sync with Slack: making it even easier for teammates to see where everyone is working from, and create a single source of truth.
  • Visually see in the map view which location employees are working from.

In the previous Envoy alternatives, we pointed out that there was no quick nor easy way to see who was working from where. With Where, and one simple Slack command, anyone can see at a glance where their colleagues will be working from on any given day. You can also see your shared common days with another member of staff!

Enough of this sheet!

Ditch the spreadsheet, ‘Where’ is a more social way to schedule your days in the office and see where everyone’s working from....all right in Slack.

What are the downsides of this alternative to Envoy?

If you don’t have Slack, you currently can’t use Where. However, if you’re a hybrid company that isn’t using Slack, you’re likely using MS Teams and if so, we’ll be connecting with you soon, so really, there's no downside to Envoy alternatives like this.🙂

Where Pricing

Where's pricing is the most competitive! There are no fancy pricing levels, no additional costs, and everything you see on the site is what you get, for only $2 per active user. Plus, only pay for users who actively are setting their schedules and locations during the month. Test it out free for 30 days!


This hybrid workplace solution can be compared more closely to the last two Envoy alternatives mentioned: iOffice and Where, with some considerable differences.


WorkInSync Features

  • Hot desking & Meeting room booking w/optional extras (ie. parking).
  • Employee scheduling and attendance
  • Health checks
  • Digital floorplans
  • Visitor management

Of all the features offered by WorkInSync, the most innovative is the Google assistant & Syri automated commute management system (offered on the professional pricing plan). This feature allows you to book desks, parking, set your schedule, and more, all while on the go.

Where does it fall short?

  • You can’t really see too far ahead to know when a team member will be in the office.
  • Without your phone, it’s near impossible to enter the office. The reason being is that you need your phone for things like photo mask detection and digital pass. If health check is set up, employees will need to confirm certain things immediately on arrival. Without a smartphone handy, entering the office is a pain.

WorkInSync Pricing

The three-tiered pricing system of WorkInSync allows for both annual and quarterly billing. At $2.50/month/user paying annually on a standard plan, the price is slightly above that of Where. The professional plan is priced at $4/month/user paying annually, and the Enterprise plan comes in at $6/month/user paying annually.

Happy Visitor

Last but not least, the final product we tested was Happy Visitor, and as the name states, the tool is built for visitor management. Is this the best of the Envoy alternatives? Check out their main features to find out.

Happy Visitor Features

  • Gate pass management.
  • Consumables inventory management.
  • Delivery vehicle management.
  • Work permit.
  • Seat booking system.
  • Employee movement tracking.

As an alternative to Envoy, Happy Visitor may be a viable option, but there are definitely a few things it lacks that you should be aware of:

  • Innovation: their feature set is a bit old school, and isn’t really suited for the tech companies of today.
  • User Interface: hello archaic! There are so many other tools out there that employees would enjoy engaging with, this is not one of them.

Happy Visitor Pricing

One massive downside to Happy Visitor is that they don’t have their pricing listed on the site. Instead, they offer custom pricing, where you need to pick and choose the features you would like. The fact that they don’t list even a starting pricing, is a bit turn off. For most teams, I wouldn’t recommend this as one of the best Envoy alternatives.

The Best Envoy Alternative is...

Based on all of the above, Where is the clear winner in terms of ease of use, feature set, price, and loads more! Still not sure which of the above-mentioned Envoy alternatives is the best for your team though? If you’re on the fence with these Envoy alternatives, check out our Where vs. Envoy comparison, which will bring clarity to your decision.

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