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The Best Funny Teams Backgrounds

Oh no, not another meeting...

If you find yourself in one too many MS Teams meetings that could have been an email, we've got a little something for you to jazz up some of those 'useless meetings'. For your next video meeting use a Teams virtual background, and add a little fun into the mix to liven up the gathering.

If your team leaders haven't yet discovered the power of async collaboration, and prefer to pack the day with calls, then you mind as well have fun while you're on them. You may not completely be able to eliminate the number of Microsoft Teams meetings you have, but you can definitely reduce them. With Complish, an asynchronous meeting tool, you can start having fewer, better meetings, that don't cut into your day.

Funny Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

Depending on your mood, there's plenty of funny Microsoft teams backgrounds to match it. We've put together the best Teams backgrounds that are sure to put a smile on the face of your colleagues.

Whichever of the Teams backgrounds funny images you use, take this as an opportunity to snap a photo of yourself and tag us on social. You may even be featured here! Choose from one of the cool funny backgrounds for MS Teams featured below.

Team Fortress 2

Jump inside the online action game next to the Scout, the Demoman, the Spy, or other Team Fortress characters.


Download: Team Fortress 2 Background

Step into a Beautiful Forest

In need of a little zen to smooth out the mood? Couple this background with some jungle sounds to really set the scene.


Download: Beautiful Forest Background

The Office

Grab a seat next to Michael Scott, and play the role of Michael's rival, Toby Flenderson using your best voice impersonation.


Download: The Office Teams Background

Pulp Fiction

Stained your shirt today and no time to change into something else? Toss on one of Pulp Fiction's MS Teams virtual backgrounds and you'll blend right it, so much so that the stain on your shirt will become unnoticeable.


Download: Pulp Fiction Background

Who's the Boss Living Room Set

This one is for all you 80's sitcom fan, who together can rejoice at the announcement of the classic show starting back up!


Download: Who's the boss living room set Background

Funny Lock Screen

Alert! Alert! You've been locked out! Display one of these funny teams backgrounds on your next MS Teams virtual call and wait to see the reaction of your team.


Download: Funny Lock Screen Background

Football Team Match

Wishing you were at the game, instead of being stuck in a meeting? Do the virtual wave with this background as your backdrop.


Download: Football Team Background

Underground Bunker

Dress up in your plainest clothes, strap on a hard hat, and hang out in your Covid bunker aka "remote office".


Download: Bunker Background

Home Office

Not feeling like cracking a pandemic joke? Step into this ornate office instead and crack a joke about your massive encyclopedia collection instead. You'll need to get creative though to come up with a joke about it that your colleagues will actually laugh at.


Download: Home Office Background

Team Realtree

Find out who else of your team is a fan of camouflage with this Team Realtree background.


Download: Team Realtree Background

Fake Window Backdrop

Lacking a view? Try out this fake window backdrop background for your next meeting.


Download: Fake Window Backdrop Background

Animated News

Switch up the way you deliver your meeting update by reporting on the day's events in a breaking news update.

Download: Animated News Background (via GIFER)


With Chewbacca as your side kick on your next meeting, you'll be sure to catch your team off guard with these Starwars themed funny virtual backgrounds.


Download: Starwars Background


Polish up your video call by giving it a BBC makeover. Squeeze into the background for your big debut.


Download: BBC Set Background

Enough of this sheet!

Where is the fun way to facilitate interaction between team members, all right from Slack.