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Raise Your Voice in These Top 10 Clubhouse Clubs for Founders

Although it's only been a few months since Clubhouse has stormed the social scene, the audio networking platform, loved by many, is still only available to a select few.

It's exactly this exclusivity that narrows the access target to what the app considers "elite clientele" like celebrities, founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. In a moment in time where physical social interactions have been narrowed down to the minimum, Clubhouse offers a new and exciting format for startup founders to build an audience, learn from like-minded and driven people, and network in a unique new setting. One of the main problems though is finding clubs that offer value, without wasting your time spending hours looking for them.

Clubhouse for Founders

The initial hype and exclusivity of Clubhouse made it quite easy to discover relevant clubs to follow but as the app grows, it's becoming challenging wading through the sea of self proclaimed "though leaders". Many startup founders are ready to give up the app altogether, rather than waste more time searching for quality clubs.

To help save you time and slowly build your Clubhouse-love up again 😍, here’s a list of 10 Clubhouse clubs that are actually worth following.

Founders Stream

If you’re a fairly new startup founder eager to learn, build your product or even find a co-founder, FounderStreams could be your new favorite hangout. Hosting talks such as the advantages of having a technical co-founder or CTO, fundraising with investors and VCs, and tips and tricks to pitch a startup, Founders Stream chats cover a wide variety of topics.

Bonus - club attendees have the chance to sponsor, host, and/or partner in hosting a talk in the club. If you're a founder of an early-stage startup, this could be a great opportunity to maximize your reach.

Product Sync

This club is focused on the product-centered founder; if that's you, pencil in every Sunday at 8.15 pm CST (01.15 am GMT) into your schedule... you have a date! Product Sync brings the finest and most powerful collection of strategic insights together around crafting a product. It's the ideal club to gain perspective and tips into the strategy and execution of a great product roadmap and make valuable connections in the product world. Past club topics have revolved around growth product roles, the relationship between product and design, and aspiring PMs and designers.

Startup Club

Startup Club is one of the largest clubs on Clubhouse and, actually, the biggest one when it comes to startups. It's the best Clubhouse source for founders as it highlights startup professionals, events for founders, and conferences around entrepreneurship, angel investors, and venture capital.

Future of Work

The way of working was already undergoing a transition, which only accelerated with the Covid-19 pandemic. Even so, remote business owners are still struggling with all the changes. Future of Work is a space to discuss entrepreneurship, freelancing, creatives, and anything related to startups and business in general, but also health, workplace wellness, personal development, and the challenges of being self-employed. The club covers a varied list of topics and opens the door to users to host or sponsor a talk.

Women Founders Club

Women Founders Club is the first club centered around the unique experiences of women founders. Whether you're starting as a founder or you've been around for a while, the job always has its ups and downs. Join every Wednesday at 1 pm CST (8 pm CEST) to listen to stories from female entrepreneurs that have overcome the obstacles and barriers of starting a company, as well as tips from industry experts to help other women and their businesses grow and advance.

Solo Entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be thrilling and frightening; even the most daring solo entrepreneurs need a helping hand. The Solo Entrepreneurs club hosts conversations about the specific challenges that solopreneurs face when it comes to leadership, financing, business strategy, angel investing, and HR, just to name a few.

If you're thinking about the possibility of launching a new business or you're starting to build one, this club is a fantastic place to gain your footing as a solopreneur.

SaaS Boss - For SaaS Sounders and CEO's

If you're into tech and, especially, SaaS tech startups, SaaS Boss is worth checking out. The club centers its chats around growth, marketing, successful scaling strategies, and tips and tricks to launch an MVP.

Aside from holding weekly talks at 9 am CST (4 pm CEST), the club also has a Facebook Group to make it easier for its audience to connect with like-minded leaders and foster relationships that go further than the audio-chat-based app.

Leadership Reinvented

Leadership is an important quality for founders, some would even say it's the most important. Leadership Reinvented hosts weekly talks at 8 pm CST (3 am CEST) and occasional pop-up rooms to chat about change-makers who are creating excellent organizations and communities where everyone can thrive. Jump in the club to improve your leadership skills by learning new concepts, tools, and processes to up-level your leadership skills.

Fintech Fridays

Fintech Friday hosts weekly talks at 10 am CST (5 pm CEST) where they interview Fintech founders, cover the latest financing rounds, events, and news in the fintech space as well as discuss new emerging business models.

Creative Executive Officers

With nearly 140k followers, Creative Executive Officers is one of the largest clubs on the app. Supported and created by CEOs and an educational media company built for creators, this club aims to help creative artists navigate through knowledge, resources, and relationships to achieve their own version of success. If you're a creative mind that is afraid to take the first step towards your business, you've just started and want to grow or have years of experience and are ready to share your knowledge, this club is the place for you.

Whether it's to pitch in from time to time, get an occasional hosting spot or build your own club, Clubhouse offers a little something for everyone. Like any other social network or platform, it's important to set a timer for it though so it doesn't become overwhelming or time-consuming. Some say the Clubhouse experience provides a great lesson on how to run a really awful meeting, while others would beg to differ. We'll let you decide!

The Clubs shared here provide valuable information that can help you start, grow and succeed in the business world. Now, we can only invite you to grab your headphones, a coffee, or a beer, depending on the timezone, and have fun listening. And, if there's a club not on our list, but one you think deserves a shout-out, let us know.👇 If you don't yet have Clubhouse and aren't an Apple user, download it for android.