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Team Productivity Tools for Hybrid Teams

Who wouldn't want accelerated growth of their business? With the help of team productivity tools, remote and hybrid teams operating small to medium sized businesses can optimize the way they work. Undoubtedly, these productivity tools for teams help save time and get rid of busywork, freeing up more time to spend on actions that will drive your business forward.

All Done √ Productivity Tools to Help You Complete Your To-do list!

Nowadays more than ever, employees are demanding flexibility in their working day, which tends to worry some businesses', making them think that more flexibility may lead to less productivity. This is likely why many companies are testing out new productivity tools to keep their teams aligned and on track. Moreover, these tools help remote and hybrid teams automate tasks that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time if done manually.

Best Hybrid Team Productivity Tools

If you want to save time and be more productive, here are the top team productivity tools that small to medium hybrid businesses need to up-level.

Basecamp - The hybrid team tool for project management

If you need a go-to project management software, Basecamp is great for hybrid businesses and one of the best productivity apps. With Basecamp, you can communicate and coordinate with your team members on projects for better time and project management.

By using Basecamp, you can keep your team members updated. Indeed, it is a suitable solution for every business. As compared to other tools, it's a bit pricy, so if you can't afford its monthly subscription, you can use its free personal version.

Trello - Task management for hybrid teams

For tasks and process-based projects, Trello is a suitable choice to plan better your tasks to ensure your team doesn't end up down the rabbit hole and off track. Trello allows you to create different jobs and boards for your team members. The tool itself is a visual, easy and quick way to keep an eye on the progress of projects.

Trello allows you to prioritize for every task, type messages, add attachments and assign tasks to members of your team. For those looking for a deal...Trello features a free tier with enterprise and business pricing.

Notion - Using async communication to cut down on meetings

Meeting minutes are essential for every business. If you want a reliable tool to take notes, Notion is a great option! There's really not much more to say then try it out! As you scale your business, you may want to look at investing in a tool specifically for managing your meeting minutes, but while you're still small, Notion is a great fit. Here are some other of the best team meeting apps for remote and hybrid teams.

Focus@will - Bringing focus to flexible hybrid workers

Find it hard to focus? Focus@will offers up a selection of music to help you focus and improve productivity...backed by science. You can use Focus@will to identify any areas you struggle with when it comes to focusing that threaten to distract you from your objectives.

Tide - Bringing calm to the hybrid space

Another tool to help improve focus is Tide, which uses calming and soothing sounds, such as rain to calm the mind, and bring more focus into your space. With more focus, you'll likely procrastinate less, which will result in you completing your projects on time. Tide is free for iOS and Android.

Todoist - Task mangement for hybrid & remote-first companies

For time management, Todoist is your pal; available for Android and iPhone devices. Manage your personal and official tasks with the help of Todoist and optimize the efficiency and potential of your team. Todoist is one of the top software engineering productivity tools used by tech companies.

This productivity and task management tool helps you assign important tasks to your co-workers, add notes and set deadlines. The app also has an amazing UX, making reviewing your progress on tasks easy. Fortunately, project management and time management are simple with Todoist.

IFTTT - Optimizing automations

Connect several programs and apps to sync all your devices to avoid flipping between apps and tabs. IFTTT is beneficial for app cross-compatibility and creating powerful automations.

Zapier - Powerful workflows & integrations, saving teams time

To connect apps, Zapier is a convenient service. Every business can use this app to increase concentration on important tasks, and get rid of busy work. Zapier connects with Slack, Dropbox, Gmail, and plenty more. You can use this integration to save time while switching between apps. It helps you create workflows across different platforms to save time and ensure your workflows run smoothly.

Slack - Connecting co-workers asynchronously

For the productivity of a small hybrid business, Slack is a suitable tool. Slack helps you communicate with team members via direct chat or channels, run meetings, send voice notes, and integrates with countless other tools. The main service is absolutely free, but you can get additional features with different paid plans. When used correctly, Slack is one of the best team productivity tools, but, when used incorrectly, your business could take a slide downhill. If you're using Slack, use it for async communication, and remember, turn off those notifications.

Logo Maker - Optimizing design work

Several businesses undermine the importance of logos. Remember, a logo is an essential branding element of your business. Without a personalized business logo, it's difficult for you to establish a brand presence. Your logo often becomes the foundation for your identity, so it's something you'll want to give a lot of thought too. When it comes to actually creating it, if you can't afford the fee of a professional logo designer, or your team's time is better spend on other design tasks, you can use a free logo maker to create your business logo.

Plagiarism Checker - Covering you from copywriting issues

Plagiarism is a crime in every field, and a plagiarism checker can help you avoid this crime. Every business owner needs this tool to ensure the uniqueness of their content. By processing content with a plagiarism checker, it is possible to detect every plagiarized line. Fortunately, rather than skim through the text of other sites and match them up against your own, your time is better spent using a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is unique and original.

Written by: Farooq CA