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Virtual Meeting Clipart to Jazz up Your Presentations

We may not be able to eliminate all meetings, but we can definitely make them more enjoyable. Take for example, your weekly all hands meetings. If you're preparing a presentation on the progress of a recent project, there are two ways you can put it together. The first, slap some text and charts into powerpoint, share point, or whichever, presentation software you choose, press present, and watch the yawning start. Or, jazz up your presentation with a few playful gifs, memes, and meeting clipart. I'm pretty sure your audience would be more engaged if you did the latter.

Rather than searching the web for places to find all the visuals to deck out your presentation, or to jazz up your next meeting, we've curated a list of a few that you can reference to find visual meeting clipart for your next virtual gathering.

Virtual Meeting Clipart

Although most virtual meeting clipart sites do require a subscription, most of those also offer unlimited downloads every month, plus, access to photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, and gifs. Your marketing, content, or design teams may already be using one of the sites we share in this article, so it's best to check with them first before signing up to another one. We've separated the online meeting clipart sources by type of virtual meeting. Some offer free clipart downloads, while others require you to purchase the images.

Tip: How can you get clipart meeting free images? By pass paying by signing up for a free trial account & downloading all the images you need before your trial expires. Just be sure to cancel before your subscription renews.

Morning Meeting

A meeting first thing in the morning can be a drag, especially if your team needs to sit through presentation after presentation. Toss in some virtual clipart to your slide stack to make your presentation more eye catching + don't forget to serve a cup of coffee before kicking off.


Browse - Morning Meeting Clipart

Staff Meeting

Not all staff meetings happen in real time. Some take place asynchronously, but that doesn't mean you can't infuse a little personality into them.


Browse - Staff Meeting Clipart

Board Meeting

These meetings can last two days, maybe one if you're lucky. Rather than bore your audience, use some illustrations that'll add some personality to your presentation.


Browse - Board Meeting Clipart

Team Meeting

This may only be a short meeting, but if you're still working as if you're in the office, it's time to trade in your daily standups for asynchronous check-ins. Use emojis, illustrations, or photos to share with your team how you're feeling that day.


Browse - Team Meeting Clipart

Annual Meeting

It's the big year end meeting, the entire company is there, and you're scheduled to present how your team performed against their goals & objectives. Use a bit of clipart to encourage engagement and interaction in the meeting as you share how your team did.


Browse - Annual Meeting Clipart

Town Hall Meeting

Here's another one of those meetings that tend on going on f-o-r-e-v-e-r! This is exactly why a little funny meeting clipart mid presentation can be used to lighten the mood on the often tight scheduled meeting.


Browse - Town Hall Meeting Clipart

Group Meeting

Last but not least, the next time you're needing a few visuals to demonstrate teamwork, discussion, or collaboration, vector clipart of a meeting is the way to go.


Browse - Group Meeting Clipart