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Where is shutting down :-(

Today we’re sad to announce that we’ll be shutting down Where (and Complish). The apps will be turned off on August 31, 2022.

Where began as Complish in 2020 - a product to help remote teams check-in and stay connected after the world abruptly moved to remote work (after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit). When teams returned to the office, our app usage declined and our customers had a new, greater problem - the challenge of co-ordinating people, schedules and desks in the hybrid workplace. And so, we re-branded to Where and changed the product to help solve the chaos of spreadsheets that ensued as companies returned to the office in 2021.

Why are you shutting down?

We launched Where in early 2022 and despite adding thousands of users over the last 6 months, we came up against some headwinds that proved too challenging to overcome. Three major factors were:

  1. Companies who operated in the office-logistics space had evolved their products after the pandemic hit and a number of competitors emerged. Ultimately our product was a little too late to market.
  2. Sales cycles were much longer than we expected. We built the product for anyone to onboard their team in 5 minutes. However, HR teams were used to multiple demos and hand-holding during account creation and expected this of all new products. Our team wasn’t equipped and our pricing model didn’t really lend itself to heavy SaaS sales model.
  3. The current financial/fundraising environment meant the growth expectations needed to be that much greater in order to raise funding.

Our company uses Where (or Complish), what happens now?

You will continue to have access to the products through to August 31. You won’t be able to upgrade to any paid accounts. If you’re a paid user, please see below.

What happens for paying customers?

We have suspended billing so you will no longer be charged, but you will continue to have access to the products through to August 31. If you have added a credit card, but not yet been billed, you will not be charged for any further use. Because we billed for usage at the end of each month, we should not have any customers with unused time on a subscription.

Can you recommend any alternatives?

Thanks for the support

We’d like to thank our users, customers, investors, employees and everyone else (especially our wives and families!) that helped us “give it a crack”. It’s been a great journey, and while we’d love to be announcing a different outcome, we’re lucky to have had the opportunity and have learned a tonne along the way. Thank you!