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Where.team vs Robin Mobile App

We’ve compared several workplace management tools, and spoken with countless HR, People ops, and CEOs, to find out what they really need from a cloud-based office scheduling software. Through it all, there are two tools taking the hybrid space by storm, and, although they appear to be close competitors, they serve quite a different target. Continue reading to find out how Where.team compares to the Robin mobile app, and which teams should be using one over the other.

Before getting too far ahead of ourselves though, we’ll provide a quick overview of what is Robinpowered, so you’ll know what is the Robin app. Plus, if you haven’t yet heard of Where.team, we’ll cover the basics so you have some foundational context as you’re reading through this Robin mobile app comparison.

Robin Mobile App

The Robin mobile app allows organizations to manage a safe return to the office through their collection of tools. Their mission is to enable the modern workplace by helping employees find and book the right office spaces with their meeting room booking software, which at the same time equips leaders with analytics that provide insights into how they can optimize their workplace.


Top talent wants maximum flexibility when it comes to hybrid work. This was one of the reasons Where.team was built - to make it easy to manage flexible hybrid schedules and gently encourage people back to the office, without mandates. The why behind, Where.team spans way further than self-interest, and it’s one of the main things that sets Where apart from other similar tools.

Where.team as an Alternative to the Robin App

Although the Where and Robin mobile app are essentially trying to solve the same key customer problem - returning back to the office safely, their audiences have two very different needs which not both tools address. With the shift to distributed and hybrid work, Where aims to address the pain points of hybrid organizations following distributed first practices.

The Robin app on the other hand, is more focused on creating smarter, more digitally aware workplaces. Both are great missions, but to find the right tool for your team, you need to break down your pain points and observe possible solutions for them, trying them on to see which fits best. Take a look below at the main differences in how Where and the Robin mobile app tackle the return to the office.

Where Vs. Robin Powered App Features

Pain Points Where Features Robin Mobile Features Who does it best?
Knowing Who’s Working from Where
Employees can view the overlapping (common) days they have with their team and plan when they choose to come in.  The Robin platform lets you see when teammates are coming into the office so you can join them on a particular day.  Where’s Slack app lets you easily see who’s working from where with a simple Slack command. Rather than go searching, in 5 seconds you can retrieve the info you’re after. 
Space Management  Book open spaces, rooms, and desks for better in-office collaboration. Employees can also add optional extras (ie. lunch spots, parking), and set capacity limits on extras depending on a particular space/desk.  Robin desk booking offers seating options to ensure distance planning, plus wayfinding and Robin room scheduling.   Where! Allows employees to book into collaboration spaces instead of just desks and rooms. Plus, Where makes it easier to select from multiple office locations (great for more globally distributed teams).
Workplace Health & Safety
Contact tracing keeps your team safe and allows office management to identify more quickly contact cases, ensuring they are safely dealt with.  Health checkpoints, health screenings, and contact tracing ensure employee health and safety.
It's a tie (depending on your office needs). ie. if you have a larger workforce (+500) with more movement in and out of the office, Robin powered app is likely the better option in this category.
Workplace Experience
Where’s Slack app is so simple to use, employees will actually want to use it. Plus, Where encourages your team to foster improved interaction once in the office.  The Robin mobile app ‘Office Pass’ tool gives employees a return to office digital toolkit allowing them to maximize their time in the office.
From suggested office days to promoting in-office events, Where offers a better workplace experience for hybrid teams, bringing them closer through the use of the app, rather than further away from each other. 
 Announcements Foster improved face-to-face interaction and collaboration thanks to events and announcements that bring your team together. With Robin mobile app, share office updates with employees, and send out alerts.   It's a tie (depending on your office needs).
Workplace Planning Plan your future workplace based on an understanding of how employees use the office space, which extras they require, the days they prefer to come in, and which spaces they work from more often. Robin analytics provide insights into how your office is being used so you can plan for the future.  If simplicity while providing clear insights is what you’re after, Where has you covered. If you’re needing more complex metrics though, Robin is likely your best bet.
Guest Management
No solution currently.  Register guests, set up screening questionnaires, notify hosts and track visitors. Robin App (by default)

Main Differences Between Robin App & Where

The most notable difference between these two tools are:

  1. Where lives in Slack, Robin works in a WebApp and their own mobile app.
  2. Where lets employees book spaces and desks and add on extras, but doesn’t yet have a way for you to search for available spaces based on set filters as the Robin mobile app does.
  3. Where allows the option for employees to book into a specific space, ie. the main floor, left-wing, brainstorming corner, while Robin only allows desk and conference room booking.
  4. Where doesn’t require employees to check-in on arrival to a room. Robin mobile app requires an on arrival check-in otherwise your room reservation will automatically cancel.
  5. Where aims to make work more social by encouraging face-to-face time with colleagues. Robin mobile app hasn’t yet fully tapped into this.

Enough of this sheet!

Ditch the spreadsheet, ‘Where’ is a more social way to schedule your days in the office and see where everyone’s working from....all right in Slack.

Where Vs. Robinpowered Pricing

If you haven’t yet figured out which types of companies Robin mobile app is best suited for, the price is a pretty solid indicator. How much does Robin cost then?

The Robinpowered pricing is as follows:

  • Basic Plan - starting at $1,500/year. Includes: basic room and desk booking. Doesn’t include: meeting services, the option to export data, and no Robin hot desking, desk hoteling, desk reservations or flexible seating.
  • Pro Plan - starting at $3,500/year. Includes all of the features and offerings mentioned in the comparison table above.
  • Robin Mobile App Premium - Based on inquiry. Features the same options as the Pro Plan.

To get the most out of Robin, you’d need to be on a Pro plan. If you’re a smaller company, it’s clear that the cost would be considerably high, that is if you’re less than at least 150 employees. But, if you have 500-1000 employees, Robin may be more cost-effective.

Where on the other hand has a much simpler pricing system, that allows you to pay only for the active users you have. At just $2/month/employee for all of the features offered, Where is an ideal solution for teams under 500 employees.

Why Companies Use Where vs. Robin Room Scheduling Software

  1. No hidden charges! What you see is what you pay for, nothing more!
  2. It lives in Slack. Although Where has a Web app, it primarily runs in Slack. Most other apps and tools for office management run in a separate application. What this means is that teams add a whole other tool to their already full toolkit. Because Where works directly in Slack, employees actually use it!
  3. Easy to use. Where doesn’t try to complicate things for the user, nor does it package it up with a fancy look. What we’re focused on is ease of use and functionality, and, most importantly, solving the pain points hybrid teams are facing with their return to the office. We’re not just any conference room scheduling software.

Final Comparison on an Alternative to Robin Software

You’ve likely come to realize that the Where Slack app and Robin software are both fantastic office management solutions for hybrid teams. If you still haven’t figured out which one is for you though, read this carefully.

If you are a company of over 500 employees whose main pain points center around meeting room and desk bookings, and visitor check-in, then test out Robin mobile app with a Robin demo. If that’s not you, and you’re below the 500 employee count, want to incorporate a tool that your employees can use directly in Slack, and one that has a distributed first people-first approach to office management, then test out Where. And, if you still aren’t sure whether Where is right for you, reach out to us directly from the chat box in the right-hand corner of the screen, or, book a demo.