The FlexiÔÇÖs 2022 ­čĺ¬ ÔÇĘ
Top Hybrid Companies

At Where, we've been lucky enough to interview 100+ remote & hybrid leaders to uncover the best of the best, the most flexible companies who perfectly balance high growth, great company culture and work flexibility. Are you one of these companies or know one who fits the bill. Nominate a company you believe deserves a shout out.

How to Win The Top Flexible Company 2022 Awards

The most flexible company is one that incorporates a sustainable & scaleable hybrid working model into their company culture, recognizes that each employee works best under a different set of conditions, and creates flexibility for their employees to work where and when it suits them best.

The top 5 companies to receive the most votes are judged by our panel on the following criteria.

Hybrid Approach

Approach & mindset towards flexible working, the culture around it + the sustainability and scalability of their work model.

Proof of Impact

Ability to show with clear metrics, the positive impacts of implementing a flexible work model within their company.

Level of Freedom

The level of autonomy employees have in their role + the level of flexibility employees have in terms of working days & working hours.

Your Vibe

How awesome you are ­čśÄ aka, your ability to maintain a team of loyal employees who love being a part of your team.
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Introducing our Judging Panel

Over the last year, we've spoken to over 100 remote leaders and accomplished peeps on the future of work, and what it means to foster flexible working practices. Out of all the leaders we spoke with, we've carefully selected 3 judges as our panel.


Head of Remote
Remote-first advocate & leader.
"I am for location independence, flexible hours, asynchronous communication, and a location-agnostic approach to work. The challenge is marrying these principles with the office-centric mindset we're accustomed to."


Founder & Managing Director
Her work focuses on executive coaching to develop highly effective leaders.
"If you can develop a founder to be an emotionally intelligent, empathetic, clued-in leader, then you are going to create hundreds of thousands of happy employees all over the world."


Founder & CEO
He has been working in the flexible workspace industry for over 40 years and is redefining what it means to be a leader in a hybrid environment.
"If you can develop a founder to be an emotionally intelligent, empathetic, clued-in leader, then you are going to create hundreds of thousands of happy employees all over the world."

­čĆć Winners & Runner-ups ­čĆć

As the Top Flexible Hybrid Company, you receive:

  • Social recognition to our over 10,000+ network & newsletter subscribers in the hybrid work space.
  • A featured post highlighting your company and what you do.
  • Exposure that'll help you attract top candidates to your team.
  • An interview feature in our Hybrid to Remote series.
  • Exposure to our online social community.


Which companies are eligible?

To qualify as a nominee, your company be must consist of at least 50 employees and have it's headquarters in either of the following locations:
- Europe
- UK

What is a Flex Rating?

Each company who is nominated will be given a specific flex rating. A company's flex rating will be based on the flexibility offered to employees in terms of working days and hours.

I've been nominated, but my profile page is empty, how do I complete it?

You can complete your profile by entering your details here OR, the easiest way is by connecting with us on a quick call.

Until when can I nominate a company?

Nominations for the 2022 Flexi awards can be submitted throughout the year.

When does the voting begin?

Once a company has been nominated, and they appear on the site, they can start collecting votes! Make a good impression to the public and the voting panel by filling in your full profile to start receiving votes. If you don't yet have a listing, nominate your company and we'll get the ball rolling.