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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. A leadership team meeting is a bridge between vision and reality, as this is when and where leaders turn vision into action items with deadlines. But what is the primary leadership team meeting purpose, and how often should a leadership team meet? We've got you covered! This article will discuss what a leadership team meeting is, how to run it effectively, and how you can save time planning and running your meeting by using a leadership team meeting template.

What is a leadership team meeting?

A leadership team meeting is a weekly meeting, usually lasting 90-minutes in length, and takes place between the senior leaders or management team. Leadership team objectives are: to discuss objectives, problem-solve, and align the team towards company goals.

How does a BNI leadership team meeting agenda template differ from a leadership meeting agenda?

First and foremost, although a BNI leadership team meeting may sound like a regular leadership meeting with a fancy name, it's actually quite different. These meetings are invite/referral only attendance, and are focused on networking and assisting members to grow their businesses. Some BNI meeting agendas are structured more formally, while others are run with a pretty relaxed format, although, in no way, shape or form are they your standard leadership meeting.

How to increase the effectiveness of leadership team meetings?

Wondering how to run a leadership team meeting or which leadership meeting topics to cover? Here are a few tips 👇

Have a collaborative mindset.

Sometimes what makes the meeting inefficient is the emotions that come along with it. You're getting together to solve problems, so everyone is on the same side. Try to avoid being defensive or pointing fingers. Instead, show up in the meeting with the intention to offer assistance and receive help from those around you.

Stay objective.

The right language and tone help ensure an objective discussion. You can do that by referring to the situation or to the entire team rather than singling out a person. More importantly, try to avoid rhetorical questions, as they can sound accusatory.

For example:

  • Objective: Marketing Team, what's the status of the sales page? Is it on track, or are there any blockers that we can help you with?
  • Personal: Why haven't you finished the sales page within the deadline?

Prioritize topics in advance.

Leaders have a dozen things on their plate, and that can spill through the leadership meeting. But if you prioritize topics and co-create the agenda before the meeting, you can concentrate on the most critical issues, especially if you're running out of time. Then, once your meeting starts you can use a leadership team meeting minutes template to record the highlights of the meeting.

What's Inside a Leadership Team Meeting Agenda

We've covered a few tips on how to have the right mindset. Now, what should be discussed in a leadership team meeting? This leadership team meeting agenda examples template serves as a collaborative agenda that can be sent out in advance.

Personal Updates

Start the meeting with a lighthearted discussion. Our template includes examples of specific questions you can ask to get the ball rolling.


Discuss the progress of OKRs and key company metrics.

Wins & Learnings

When metrics are great, you can transition to celebrating the wins. If they are not as good as you'd hoped, a short discussion on the learnings could be valuable.

Messages & Updates

Share recent news (professional or personal) that affects the leadership team.

Hot Seat

Choose one person each week that can dive deep into what their team is working on. In this week's hot seat, the person can choose the next candidate for next week's hot seat.

Uncover new issues & roadblocks

Time for everyone to roll up their sleeves and discuss new or unresolved issues. Refer to your priorities for this meeting to stay focused. You can't solve everything in one session. Check out other meeting templates, such as Ask a Question or Brainstorming Meeting, if an issue warrants more discussion.

Priorities & Action Items

Summarize the priorities and turn them into action items. If there are entirely new action items, add them to the main Goals. Assign an owner and a deadline.

Get Started with your Leadership Meeting Agenda Template

You're all set to run your drama-free and efficient leadership meeting with this leadership team meeting template. Check out this and the other templates and meeting structures on offer.