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Running an effective sales meeting isn't only beneficial for getting through your sales meeting agenda within the allotted time. The proper sales meeting will set your team up for success and ensure you cover all the bases from evaluating your pipeline, looking through metrics, strategizing and more.

One of the main purposes of a sales meeting is something that many managers often don't place enough emphasis on. We'll get into this a bit later though, but first, we'll cover, what should be discussed in your sales meeting, how to lead a weekly sales meeting, and share a simple yet effective weekly sales meeting template to help you run your meeting.

What should be discussed in a weekly sales meeting?

Sales meetings shouldn't just be weekly catchups, where the team shares surface-level information and pipeline updates. Your weekly sales meeting is an opportunity to dive deeper and explore even more meaningful opportunities within your pipeline and brainstorm strategies that will help you reach your goals and objectives.

Here are some weekly sales meeting topics to discuss in your sales meeting:

  • Deal status updates on key accounts
  • Progress on outreach efforts
  • Sales metrics update
  • Deals lost
  • Customer feedback
  • Competitive landscape
  • more!

Using a weekly sales meeting template to set your agenda is a way to ensure that everything that should be discussed in a weekly sales meeting is discussed, and nothing is left up to question. Here are some of ways to prepare and how to run a weekly sales meeting.

How do you prepare for a sales meeting?

Preparing for a sales meeting will look a little different for the sales reps as compared to their managers, but none-the-less, the steps are somewhat similar.

  1. Review the sales meeting agenda to find out what will be discussed in this particular sales meeting.
  2. If you're meeting is being held asynchronously, and you've been instructed to add your updates directly to the meeting discussion doc, you can do this when it suits you, or according to the schedule the meeting organizer has decided on.
  3. Collect your data. This means gathering together information about what's in your existing pipeline, identify and blocks you need to share with the team, etc.
  4. Review the latest sales metrics prior to the meeting so you're up to date with the current status of everything.
  5. Take some time to look through the competitors and brainstorm a bit on strategy so you can discuss new ideas for generating more/a better pipeline, with your team.

So, we've gone through how to prepare for a sales meeting, but how to run a weekly sales meeting is a different story. Let's explore how to start a sales meeting and which considerations you should make.

How do you start a sales meeting?

Contrary to popular belief, many managers and sales team leads don't place enough emphasis on the beginning of the sales meeting and rather than start with the first agenda item of celebrating wins, many tend to jump right into looking at what's currently in the pipeline.

So, how to conduct weekly sales Saas meetings?

After defining the purpose of the meeting and setting forward the expectations & any etiquette required, it's time to celebrate wins! This is your opportunity to really pump up the team, motivate them, and connect the team over any recent wins. Celebrating wins is fantastic for morale, and bonds the team more than many think. What happens after you celebrate wins? Take a look at the weekly sales meeting agenda sample below for the next steps.

Weekly Sales Meeting Agenda Example

In this weekly sales meeting agenda sample by Where, you have an overview of the steps that make up an effective sales meeting. The full editable template can be accessed through Where.

Celebrate Wins

Share the strategic accounts that were closed and/or progress towards targets.

Pipeline Update

A quick check in to get an overview on the existing pipeline. You can share updates on key accounts and the next actions towards them.

Obstacles & Challenges

Identify any bottlenecks holding the team back from making progress towards the objectives

Customer Feedback

Use this as an opportunity to open the floor for reps to share customer or prospect feedback


Re-visit the monthly targets and metrics associated with closed deals. Take some time to review results since the last sales meeting, initiatives in Q1, and highlight and recent trends.

Training & Strategizing

Brainstorm new tactics, discuss competitor targeting

Wrap Up

This is a great time to review the goals for the week and offer up a little motivation for your team. Don't forget, before closing off the meeting, define your next action steps.

Looking for more sales meeting templates to help improve your meetings, got you covered with our discussion templates.👇