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The idea of weekly team meetings might be overwhelming for managers and employees, but it's crucial to keep the team on track and motivated. When done right, it can be highly effective, fast, and stress-free.

Purpose of a Weekly Team Meeting

A weekly team meeting is usually done to report on the progress and analyze the results as a team. It's also the forum to:

  • Share updates about current projects
  • Discuss blockers and challenges
  • Ensure that everyone is on track to achieve the weekly goals
  • Celebrate wins and boost the team's mood

How to Structure a Weekly Team Meeting

The structure may be different for the product, marketing, or sales team, but it usually includes updates, analysis, and next steps. Some managers prefer to divide the weekly meeting into two sessions—planning and retrospective—so the discussion is more focused and shorter.

One significant thing to note is what weekly team meetings are not. It is NOT a brainstorming or product kickoff meeting. The manager or the assigned facilitator should steer the discussion back to the agenda when someone tries to brainstorm a solution or start a new idea. Make sure to orient new teammates about the guidelines of the weekly meeting as well.

What's Inside This Weekly Team Meeting Template

Having a process helps running a meeting smoother for everyone. This weekly team meeting template is designed to discuss all the critical updates while keeping the discussion short. This also works with any team type and size. Plus, it's easy to change and update at any time.

Team goals

Recap the most important goal that the team is working on. If data is needed, share the report or metrics before the meeting. Make sure to focus on the critical goals for this week, and pay attention to metrics or KPIs that are either on an upward or downward trend.

Team updates

Talk about current priorities, company news, and other relevant information that might affect this week's focus.

Weekly members update

A quick update from each teammate about their progress. This is also the place to celebrate any wins throughout the week and mention holidays or vacations.

Action items

End the meeting with a clear to-do list with owners and deadlines

Your first weekly meeting won't go perfectly, especially for new remote teams. But running effective team meetings is a skill that anyone can learn. Plus, you don't always have to start from scratch.