Asynchronous meetings for distributed teams

Run better meetings, engage in thoughtful async discussions, and share progress updates - keeping your team more aligned, connected, and focused.

Meeting notes app for teams
slack check-ins

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Rethink your meetings

Feel more accomplished while at the same time, accomplishing the tasks that contribute to you hitting your objectives, all with fewer meetings, thanks to asynchronous communication.

asynchronous discussions

Focused discussions

A collaborative space for your team to have thoughtful focused discussions.

meeting productivity

More productive meetings

Make your meetings transparent and accountable with action items that get followed up.

team tasks

Plan your day in a single tool

Complish gives your team a daily planner that connects to their existing tools.

task communication

Hold each other accountable

Daily plans are visible to everyone in the team and Complish follows up to check on everyone's progress.

slack connection for check-ins

Status updates over Slack, MS Teams or email

Daily status updates and highlights are pushed to Slack of MS Teams.

okr tool

Connect daily tasks with team objectives

Easily tag a goal in a task item to associate work with an objective.