See what your team is working on, in Slack

Run your daily standups from Slack, see what everyone's doing at a glance or get updates from meetings and objectives.

Async standups in Slack

Run standups from Slack without worrying about timezones. Get visibility across your team without Zoom calls.

Visibility across your team

Complish helps you create great work habits, by helping you be thoughtful about your tasks, showing you what's most important and following up to help hold you accountable.

Tasks linked to objectives

Your work happens across many tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, emails and meetings. Complish gives you a single place to focus on what to do next and share progress
with your team with a quick check-in.

Meeting summaries in Slack

Planning your work in Complish creates a log of all the work you do. Your work is more than the tickets in your project management tool, Complish helps you log and record everything you work on.

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