Designed for teams, loved by HR and IT

Built for employees first, ‘Where’ promotes in-person meetings, and is built into
Slack for easy rollout and security.

For Employees

Plan for your next casual/work related in-office meet up. See the common days you share with anyone on your team & plan to connect with colleagues in-person, all from Slack.

Employee first approach to office meet-ups

View shared common days with members of your team and update 'Where' you're working from to better coordinate in office meet-ups.

Where's ...? Slack knows

Where lives in Slack, making finding out where your colleagues are working from and coordinating meeting ups, as simple as entering /where into a dedicated Slack channel to find out. No extra tools or time wasted.

For HR

Bringing people together doesn't have to be more work. Find out where teams and their members are working from so you can plan in-person gatherings without needing to ask around.

The best team building happens in-person

Whether your employees want to match their schedules to share common office days, or know when their colleague is working remotely so they can grab a coffee during a break, Where lets you 👀 see ahead so teams can plan in-person meet ups.

See where anyone is at any time

Where's map view allows you to easily see who's working from where. Office analytics give you visibility to better manage capacity limits, handle contact tracing, and more.

For IT

Enough time is lost in desk-booking tools, shared calendars, spreadsheets, and updated status' just to let your team know where you're working from on any given day. Where has a better solution, and best of all, it lives in Slack.

Make work more social

IT teams know that no matter where you're working from, there's always time for a casual chat, so why not plan it for in-person if you can.

Easily onboard new employees & teams

Get your team on board in less than 2 minutes. Where requires no new user accounts, and uses existing Slack authentication, meaning no more passwords to mess with.