Manage your team's return to the office... from Slack

So much more than just managing desks and office capacity, 'Where' makes it easy to co-ordinate your hybrid team and encourage people back to the office.

Companies around the world use 'Where' to make hybrid work more social...

Enough of this sheet!

No more manual entry in spreadsheets or shared calendars. Don't require your team download another app or login to another tool. Automate your desk booking and team coordination in the office ⚡️ - 'Where' lives right in Slack so your team will actually use it.

Manage your return to the office


Don't just book a desk. See when people in your team are going to the office so you can schedule your week.

Easy onboarding

Set up an office and onboard your team in 3 minutes. Setup via Slack, so no passwords or new accounts.

Do it all in Slack

Schedule your days in the office, see where everyone's working from, all from Slack - with a web app a click away.

Office management

Divide your office into spaces, set capacity limits, manage desk allocation, contact tracing, analytics and more.

See common days with anyone on your team

See the next days you'll coincide with someone in the office. Schedule in-person meetings or help you decide when to head into the office or work remotely.

• At a glance, see who will be in the office on any day
• Use the /where Slack command to see anyone's schedule inside Slack

Make work social again

‘Where’ helps you improve workplace experience by not just bringing your team together, but encouraging the face to face interaction needed to build a solid hybrid team.

• Suggested days to head into office, based on who's going in
• Create events and office extras that everyone can book
• Use Announcements to keep everyone informed about what's going on in the office

Optimise space & keep employees safe

See what areas of your office are being used, which days people prefer to go in and more. Keep your team safe with contact tracing.

• Track desk utilisation and capacity across days of the week
• Keep your team Covid-safe with contact tracing reports

Put your team on the map 🗺

Not only for your employees in the office, remote team members can also add their location and update their status. A birdseye view of where everyone is working from, or find out who's working remotely nearby - and catch up for ☕️.

Designed for teams, loved by HR and IT

Built for employees first, ‘Where’ promotes in-person meetings, and is built into
Slack for easy rollout and security.

For employees

No new tools to learn, no spreadsheets, 'Where' is actually fun to use.

For HR

'Where' brings people together and makes office days more enjoyable.

For IT

No passwords or accounts, onboard your team via Slack.


How do I get started?

Just click on "Sign up for free with Slack". You'll be asked to login in with your existing Slack account. You can try for free with your team for 30 days. If you'd like someone to walk you through the process, just click on "Get a demo" above. ☝️ .

Do we need to have Slack to use this?

Right now, yes, 'Where' is only available to teams who use Slack. We do have a beautiful web app, but we use Slack accounts for authentication. We'll be adding support for MS Teams soon!

Does it work on mobile?

Yes, most of the functionality is built right into Slack so it'll work with the Slack app, but the 'Where' web app also works on mobile devices.

How much does it cost?

You can try 'Where' for free for the first month, after that it costs USD$2 per active user. Only pay for users who actively set their locations/schedules throughout the month.

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