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Funny Meeting Memes to Express Your 'Love' for Pointless Meetings

We all have our thoughts, opinions, and feelings about meetings, but in general, we're pretty sure we all agree on one thing. And, that would be our shared love for meetings!

Yes, that was a joke 😅 if you didn't pick up on it. And, what better way to connect and relate to one another than reflecting on our shared 'love' for meetings with these funny meeting memes.

Funny Meeting Memes

Fun aside for a moment, let's take a second for a more series talk (well, only slightly).

You definitely don't need to be running from meetings, and in fact, believe it or not, they can actually be enjoyable. That is if you've figured out how to have better, fewer meetings. Using an asynchronous collaboration tool for remote, distributed and hybrid teams, allows you to run remote meetings that you'll actually want to contribute to. Yes, that's right, you don't need to dread when the next meeting roles around.

With that said, if you're still in a place where meetings are a constant for you or your team, it's probably a good time to re-evaluate a few things. Adopting more asynchronous remote first practices not only strengthens the way your team communicates and collaborates remotely, but we're pretty sure that if you start having fewer, better meetings, you'll also save time searching for funny meeting memes to exchange with your co-workers or team, during those pointless meetings you oh so love to have.

Zoom Meeting Meme

If you've ever told your team that your camera wasn't working, which is why you needed to connect via voice, when actually, you were just too lazy to brush your hair that day, then I'm sure you can relate to these types of Zoom meeting memes. There's no shame, we've all likely done in once or twice in our remote working career 😅.


Download: Zoom Meeting meme

Staff Meeting Meme

Sounds familiar? It's sad to say, but many managers love to cling to their daily meetings because holding meetings often gives the impression to the team that the manager is in control. Sadly, a poorly run meeting without actionable items or thoughtful discussion is simply another pointless meeting.


Download: Staff Meeting meme

Team Meeting Meme

Nothing beats the sarcastic messages exchanges after the team meeting.

"I find those meetings where we talk about meetings so engaging" said no one ever.


Download: Team Meeting meme

Boardroom Meeting Meme

Let's get the board together on a regular basis so it lookssss like we're actually taking the time to discuss big issues, even though, we spend most of the time in the meeting, reviewing what we need to discuss, but not actually discussing it. Can you relate to this board meeting meme?


Download: Boardroom Meeting meme

Virtual Meeting Meme

Meetings are held frequently so I as a leader can effectively micromanage ever single task my employees are working on.


Download: Virtual Meeting meme

Oh Great! Another Quick Work Meeting

Are you suggesting a 'quick' meeting, because if you didn't, you'd have less people showing up? 😂


Download: Work Meeting meme

Safety Meeting Meme

Employee: Wait, didn't we already go over this?

Manager: Well, we kind of did, but really, I just don't have enough new engaging topics every day to speak about.

Employee: Hmmm... may I suggest something?

Manager: Sure, go ahead.

Employee: Wouldn't the smart solution be to only have a meeting, if we really have something new that needs to be discuss or debated, rather than just holding a meeting to have a meeting?

Manager: Well, that's a fine idea. I never thought of that.

Does the above conversation sound familiar? Or, have you ever felt that what was being discussed in today's meeting was something that you could have benefited from knowing yesterday? 😳


Download: Safety Meeting meme

Didn't I Say, That Meeting Could Have Been An Email?

This is a meeting email meme that has more variations, then Tom Hanks' collection of portable manual typewriters. Bet you didn't think you'd learn that coming to this blog post. 😂

Why are there so many, 'this meeting could have been an email memes'? Apparently not all distributed teams have learned the power of asynchronous communication. And, until they do, another meeting that should've been an email meme will pop up at least a few more times.


Download: That Meeting Could Have Been an Email meme

The Unproductive Office Meeting About Productivity

Does this sound like an all too familiar site? This office meeting meme almost perfectly depicts the mind of someone with cognitive tunnel syndrome. They are purely reacting, when, if instead, they took a few minutes to think deeply, they'd realize why they need to STOP having so many meetings.


Download: Office Meeting meme

Are You Lonely?...Hold Another Business Meeting

Although remote employees tend to face more bouts of loneliness than their office counterparts, there are other ways to combat isolation, then holding another useless meeting. Does this online meeting meme speak to you?


Download: Business Meeting meme

Not Another Faculty Meeting Please!

The more meetings about meetings that you plan to hold, the more your team is going to show up with the expectation that the meeting they're entering in will be a total waste of time.


Download: Faculty Meeting meme

I Love Meetings That Serve No Purpose

Really, do you...do you really love meetings? For anyone that says they actually enjoy showing up to a meeting that is scheduled to speak about yesterday's meeting...we hate to break it to you, but they're probably just saying that for brownie points.

Let's be honest, they never liked those boring office meetings; they were only coming for the free lunch. Next time you see them with their camera off, they're probably scrolling cat photos or checking the funny meeting meme that perfectly match the vibe of the meeting they're currently in.


Download: I Love Meetings meme

Endless Meetings Meetings Meetings

Is this seriously still happening? It's kind of like when someone has a To-do list for their To-do lists. That's one sure way to chip through the day without getting any work done.


Download: Meetings Meetings Meetings meme

Woo hoo!! I Survived Another Meeting

Have you ever created a mantra around how much you think meetings are the best, just to pump yourself up to survive the actual meeting?


Download: I Survived Another Meeting meme

Meeting Minutes Are Only Effective if... Your Know How to Take Them

Meetings - Where we take minutes and waste hours...need we say more?

Remote teams have learned how to clearly communicate asynchronously in an effort to avoid these overly convoluted meetings that just leave everyone confused in the end.


Download: Meeting Minutes meme