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A daily check-in, when done right, can do wonders to help your team stay focused, know which tasks to prioritize, and hear about updates they may have missed. The best time to do a daily stand-up meeting is at the start of the workday, but you can always meet in the middle of the day if your team is distributed across different time zones. Or, better yet, hold an asynchronous daily standup meeting so that team members can add their updates when it suits their specific work schedule.

What is a daily standup meeting?

According to Scrum.org, "The Daily Scrum is a 15-minute time-boxed event for the Development Team to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours."

Nowadays, almost every team—regardless of size, industry, or department—has some sort of daily standup. Apart from the already mentioned purposes of a daily standup meeting, they also serve another important function. That is, the quick daily check-in provides an opportunity for the team to address issues that crept up in the past 24 hours and resolve them quickly. A daily check-in delivered in a standup meeting also serves to ensure that the team is aligned and is on track to reach the company goals.

Essentially, this meeting focuses on sharing accomplishments, reporting on your activities for the day, and challenges you have encountered.

Note that you should NOT brainstorm a solution when there are blockers. If something warrants more scrutiny and discussion, set aside another call with the involved team members. Check out our Brainstorming Meeting or Ask A Question template if you need any help planning these meetings.

Daily standup meeting invite email sample

If you hold a daily standup at the same time every day, it's likely not necessary to send out an invite every day for this recurring meeting. In the case that you're running them for the first time though, it is good practice to notify them. There's no need to start from scratch though, you can use a daily standup meeting invite email sample to draft something up quickly.

What's Inside This Daily Standup Meeting Agenda Template

So, how do you conduct daily standup meetings? First and foremost, keep it short, concise and simple. People have the tendency to drag on, especially when they are nervous. However, the more you get in the habit of doing a daily standup, the faster and more efficient you'll become at delivering your updates. Sometimes, you might even be done in less than 15 minutes!

Using a daily standup meeting template or daily scrum meeting checklist will help keep you on track for time and focused. These templates are designed for any type of team; you don't have to be a developer to follow this structure.

Here's a daily standup meeting agenda example:

Yesterday's Accomplishments

Share tasks that were completed, but focus on the primary tasks only. No one needs to know every little detail, and it can make the standup longer than necessary.

For example:

  • Published new blog post (link in the post to provide more context)
  • The weekly webinar is fully complete with 100 attendees
  • Agreement signed with new influencer

Working on...

Here, report on what you'll be focusing on for the day. This is the best time to mention tasks that were not completed yesterday and will be carried over today.

For example:

  • Write the final draft for the guest post on .....
  • Reach out to 10 new influencers
  • Plan the social media content for the week

Any blockers?

If some tasks have not been completed, is it because of a blocker? Did you underestimate the time it takes to complete the task? Or are you waiting on someone, and you can't move forward? Describe the blocker objectively and avoid being defensive. Everyone understands that there are challenges and when expressed correctly, your team will be open to assist.

Action Items

Update the list of action items, especially if the team has to pivot today to accommodate a critical issue. Don't forget to assign an owner and a deadline. Assigning action items from within your daily standup meeting discussion allows you to later pull these tasks into your future daily check-ins so they don't get missed.

This daily standup meeting template works with an in-person meeting or Zoom meeting. But, did you know that you can also have asynchronous daily standups? This is especially helpful for fully remote or distributed teams working across different time zones.

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